Friday, 19 November 2010

Temple perspective sorted

Ok, this is my final final image of my temple picture, this time with the perspective on the top of it sorted. Just needed to redraw perspective lines and redraw the top.

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  1. Hey - this is looking nicely imposing, but some additional lighting would make it 'pop' - also, think about the time of day; if this was sunset, the light would be firey and low in the sky, and so hitting the temple at a particular angle; you could introduce some dramatic rim-lighting to accentuate detail - likewise, while the temple area behind the pillars would certainly be in shadow, reflected light would mean that we would get more of an impression of what lies back there - currently, they just feel like 'unfinished' gaps - not shadows. And you're going to want to give those palms of yours some more attention - they just don't convince yet as being a resolved or concluded part of your scene.