Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Life Drawing

This weeks life drawing was free reign; we could draw however we liked. This first pose, i tried to draw using just straight lines like one of my previous pictures. For me, i don't think the pose worked very well as i couldn't make out the proportions very well, although i do like the way the hand turned out. I could use that as a rig for other hand drawings, and draw over it so i get the proportions and direction right before filling it out.

For this second pose, i chose to draw just the negative space around the figure as i found this to be quite successful from my last session. I find it more successful as i don't have to focus on all of the details of the figure, and i can pick out the spaces of the negative shapes quite effectively to create my piece.

This final standing pose worked really well when i again just drew the negative space around the model. Just for the record, those are her arms crossed across her chest, not her boobs heh. For this picture, i managed to get the shapes of the easels around the model in the background as well as the shapes of them behind her so i could get her back and jawline.

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  1. any chance of upping the contrast etc. on your life-drawings before you post?