Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fairground inspiration: Left for Dead 2 part 1

Couldn't resist this one, a shot down the awesome bumpy slide.
This is closer to the sort of shot i wanted, with the ride blocking out part of the scene. I like the way in some parts you can see through sections of the ride to what is going on behind. I did want to find rides with the lights left on but there wasn't any.
This is a shot of the entrance to Kiddieland (for Ellis :D) Again, good shadows and ominous lighting, although perhaps the shot is a bit wide as there is little obstruction and cropping
This is a shot down one of the alleyways of the fairground. I lit it with my torch to highlight the mess created as well as the blood on the floor.
This is another dark shot of the fairground. I like how it is lit by small shades of moonlight and bulbs hanging from the trees. I also like the way the shadows and darkness give the image depth.
This is a shot of the abandoned picnic area of the fairground. I like the atmosphere it creates and the dark lighting. Forgot i had my flashlight off, but there was a witch about so i had to.
Not exactly sure why i took this shot, but it does provide a good single source of light, that being my torch. It also in a way, isolates the urinals by using the spotlight, which could be a form of cropping the image.

I managed to get some shots of the fairground in Left for Dead 2 (between fighting hundreds of zombies). It provides a really 'dead' atmosphere thats dynamic and includes great shadows and lighting that i really like and could use in my work.

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