Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Atmosphere inspiration: Left for Dead 2 'Swamp Fever'

This shot was taken while i walked through the swamp. Again it has the low mist near the ground that i really like, and also the silohuette of the trees. I may use the dark atmosphere in my piece.
This is the same shack, but i managed to take the shot while i shot a zombie and liked the way it lit the room from the fire.
This was taken inside the shack and shows how ruined everything is. I like the rundown and destroyed objects within the room and the way it works really well in the scene.
This shot was taken further into the level, and shows an abandoned shack within the swamp. I like the low mist that covers the distance and the way it is lit by the torch. This is a dark environment which works well for the game, and could intergrate the effect into my work.
This shot was taken at the beginning of the level. The floodlights created this strong lighting which i quite like. The environment definitely has an abandoned feel about it.

Went through the 'Swamp Fever' campaign and looked at the scenery and environment in general and took some snapshots of the ones i found most interesting and that i could possibly intergrate into my work.

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