Friday, 19 November 2010

Life drawing

For this weeks life drawing, i used chalk and pencil. This first image was done in chalk, with the model posing only for a few minutes then changing. When she changed, we had to swap chalk colours so we did each image in a different colour and build them up. Chalk is not my first choice of material, so this was a challenge for me as i couldn't rub out any mistakes. I also really only had time to sketch in the out line of the model each time before we moved on, which was a bit annoying at first but after the second drawing i relaxed and got into it.
This second image was a long pose of an hour, so i chose to use pencil. This time we were told to focus on tonal work, but i worked a bit too slow and only managed to quickly get some shading in round the legs and arms. I found that although pencil is my favourite media, i get too picky and perfect with it so it takes me longer to do drawings that are supposed to be quick.
Full shot of pic above.

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