Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ideas for project

For this project, a load of ideas sprang to mind in the lecture, even though at first i had no idea what Phil was on about (sorry phil :P) once we watched The Haunting, i tuned back in to my film studies learning from sixth form and ideas formed in my head, some of which might seem a bit wild and impractical but all the same, its ideas that count so far.

Ok, here goes:

1. Hotel
*long corridor
*lights from windows?
*single light from overhead?
*one hotel room with single light from window/overhead
*bathroom with clothes strewn over floor
*view through keyhole into room?

2. Hospital
*long corridor
*lights from overhead/windows?
*x-ray room
*emergency room
*operating table
*look through small window in doors
*single strong light source
*lone wheelchair
*dead flowers in vase as main focus?

3. Playground
*climbing frame
*open handbag left on roundabout?
*strong light source from sunset looking through/past swing?
slide partially blocking view?

4. Church
*looking down the aisle
*light from stained glass windows?
*looking up at Cross
*organ partially blocking view?
*wedding dress strewn on floor down aisle?

5. Staircase
*looking up staircase (makes them look forboding)
*looking down stairs
*looking up past banister
*hanging body?
*single light from overhead?
*single light from window?

6. Graveyard
*Flowers dying on graves
*Light from church?
*Light from moon?
*look through gravestones

these are my immediate ideas that sprang to mind. My favourite ones are the hotel and the hospital as i think i can do lots with them. I really want to go for a more gothic theme with this, make it quite dark and sinister and also relating to The Haunting as i liked the way it was made to look. I can also probably get good photos of hospitals and hotels if i ask nicely :)

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