Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Atmosphere inspiration: Left for Dead 2 'The Parish'

Another experimentation with image cropping, this time using the window of the door as my cropper. I dont think this is particularly interesting because of the image through the window, but i do like the way it has been framed.
Took this one just before going through a doorway so it was cropped. Main focus seems to be the fire on this one, even though that was unintentional as i was just experimenting with cropping images. Its good as it draws the viewer into the image.
Just a quick shot of the horse statue (Ellis invaded my pic). Like the blurry background and overhanging trees.
This shot is just a quick one i took before i got swamped by rampaging zombies. Use of slight low mist again, and low sunlight coming through the trees.

Went through the 'The Parish' campaign and looked at the scenery and environment in general in the park and took some snapshots of the ones i found most interesting and that i could possibly integrate into my work.

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