Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Essay idea

Ok, my essay idea is to look at the game Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. I'm not just doing this because its dragons, but because of the stunning scenery and backgrounds the game involves. There are so many different backgrounds and scenes, each one unique to a level. I'm really familiar with this game, i've completed it like 8 times. The animation and FMV sequences are gorgeous :D not sure about a question yet, just wanted to know what you thought of my idea, and if anyone else knows this game


  1. I know! Closs plays it all the time, what kinda question were you thinking of?

  2. lmao ;p
    not sure yet, gonna re-read the brief and see if i can come up with something lol :D

  3. It's encouraging to see you thinking about this already - BUT - do yourself a favour... before making this your subject, ensure that there's plenty of 'stuff' written about its production design, because what you and I don't want is 1,500 words of you just describing what's in front of you; you're going to need the opinions of others (from reputable published sources) to support and enrich your own observations; if this game doesn't have that body of work gathered about it, then, however much you may like it, it's not the right subject for a 1,500 word 'evidence-based' assignment. Just do a bit of research now, and if the bucket comes up empty, choose again...