Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hospital inspiration: Left for Dead

This is a shot of an x-ray room in the hotel level. I wanted a wide shot of it so i could get all of the equipment in and see the whole atmosphere of the scene. I really like the solo lighting over the beds and coming from the screen.
This is a front shot of the beds in the x-ray room (yes, that is Francis in the shot giving me a weird look) The light from the screen showing the hand x-rays gives great shadows from the beds, which look like they should have people in them.
This is a lighter operating room. I took a shot of the bed as it had a bright single light over it and created dark shadow under the bed.
This shot is of a desk lit only by my torch, which gives it great long shadows and a really ominous and foreboding look and feel to it. I also like the light around the edge of the doorframe and through the small window.
This is a hot through the small window on one of the doors. I wanted this shot as it cropped basically the whole image and focuses right down the corridor. I really like the open door with the blood on the floor and walls, as well as the misty effect as you look down the corridor.
This is another shot from the same door just looking at the other wall, which has large blood splats down it.
This shot, i wanted a wheelchair thats been abandoned as it sets the mood of the scene. I like the light from upstairs in the corner, but theres a bit too much light in the whole scene for my liking.
Managing to get away from the zombies i took this shot of a massively blood-stained corridor. Really liking the strong lighting thats coming from the open door and landing on the wall with the picture.
Same corridor, different angle :) Like the long blood streak on the floor, which is similar to what i have in my head as an idea. Deep shadows are also good.
In the safe room standing on the tv so i could get the strong lighting that comes from it (before i shot it)
The tv again, but this time getting the light that gives off shadows and lights the opposite wall.
Infront of the tv. I like the two panels of light either side of it and the dark shadow behind.

These are images that i have taken from Left for Dead 2 of the hospital level. This level had awesome atmosphere and lighting, and closely relates to what i want and see in my head.

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