Monday, 8 November 2010

quick photoshop snaps

This is my first quick photoshop for one of my concepts. This one was the foreground for my ruined city idea, just some rocks that i blocked in and added some fast lighting. I do like the sketchyness of it as it makes the rock look more 'rocky' but obviously im going to work into it more and do other ideas.

This is a quick sketch of my jungle temple. I blocked out the trees first, then blocked in the temple in a lighter colour so i could add shading to it later.

The perspective took me a little while to get right, something's still not quite right with it, but i can go in and sort it out.


  1. Interim Online Review 09/11/10

    Hey Kayleigh,

    I'm a bit concerned at the amount of work here. I never get the sense that you're 'gunning for it', Kayleigh. I never get the impression that your making lots and lots of work because YOU'RE interested in what you're going to produce next. Your relationship to me/the course feels very much like a pupil/teacher/school - it's as if you're doing the work because you're being made to, because you're worried about being told off. It's a vibe I don't care for much! It's a bit boring for me in truth. What I want is a blog packed with work that you've enjoyed creating. What I want is a student who is absolutely committed to become a creative force with which to be reckoned. Right now, despite the flurry of thumbnails, there's not much happening creatively, is there?

    Okay - you should be prepared that at the crit I'll be asking students to discuss the ways in which their 'visual concept' has driven the design and depiction of their various environments. If you're unfamiliar with the definition of the 'visual concept' and its relationship to production design, I suggest you read the production-design based articles available to you on myUCA/Space/Unit Materials. Put simply, as expressed at the briefing presentation, the visual concept is an idea of system of ideas that governs the way a production is designed. Thus far, there is no research on your blog demonstrating how you've got to know the source book, its author, the author's influence, previous adaptations, its geographical location - yes, you've got some concept art from other people on it - but nothing specifically connect to the world of 'She'. You will need to address this vacuum urgently, if you are to identify an appropriate style/strategy for your scenes.

  2. Here is a list of links back to the CGAA Group Blog, where I have recently uploaded loads of information regarding the way I want students to tackle their written assignments. As you now prepare your unit 2 assignments on production design, pay close attention to the advice given. I will be looking for clear improvement in terms of use of language, academic ‘voice’, use of conventions, argument structure and correct methods of referencing.

    Academic style/Do’s & Don’ts

    1st Person to 3rd person conversions

    Use of footnotes

    How to satisfy essay criteria/assignment presentation/hyperlink to referencing methods

    Also – be sure to check out the 2 student essays uploaded to myUCA/Space/Unit Materials – good examples of degree level written assignments. Take the time to read them.

  3. Looks like you got the perspective spot on. Like you said not an easy thing!