Friday, 19 November 2010

Temple concept pics

Blogger's finally letting me post stuff at home now :D

This is my first temple concept prep pic. I tried a front view so i could try and get the whole of the temple in, as well as being able to view the shape of it. However, this didn't really provide an exciting perspective.

This is my second temple concept prep pic. This time, i chose a different perspective to make it seem as though it is vanishing into the background. I also added stairs and experimented with having lots of columns at the front. I think the roof of the temple looks a bit flat though, as well as the columns.

This is my third temple concept prep pic. I decided to keep the perspective i had and tried experimenting with less columns and just having a single entrance to the temple. However, i think this makes it look too 'house-like' and doesn't really match the description in the text.
I also added a tree on the left to make it look more like it is in the jungle as well as some long grass in the foreground. Although this does add to the image, it still seems quite empty.

This is my fourth temple concept pic. For this one, i went back to having multiple columns which are described in the text. I also made the roof taller and bigger so it stood out a bit more. The stairs were a bit fiddly to get the perspective right, but i think i got there. I decided to keep the tree and grass, and darken down areas of the temple to begin to create atmosphere.
This is my fifth temple concept pic. For this one, i added an extra tree on the right so make it seem more enclosed in foliage. I also made the strands of grass longer at the front, and generally darkened down the image (which doesn't really show up on here for some reason).

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