Friday, 19 November 2010

Life drawing (last weeks)

This life drawing session was using charcoal, which i found pretty ok to use as i found i can use it in a way similar to pencil.

This first pose proved a challenge as the model was laying towards me, and i found the perspective hard to achieve. Her hand that was lying towards me i tried to do about 8 times, but it just didnt work at all. I couldn't get the fingers in the right place so they looked in perspective. To me, it also looks as though the model is almost falling downwards. But i did like the way the charcoal created the effect of the hair.

This second pose was a little bit easier as there was less perspective. Although the foot did give me some trouble, and i ran out of time to finish it off. The hand across the chest also proved a hard challenge which i didnt get time to complete either. The charcoal did provide a good means of shading, but i think i worked too light for it to really show up. I prefer to work lighter and build up the layers slowly.
This third drawing is my favourite out of the three as i found the perspective easier to handle as there were no hands or feet to worry about. I also really like the way the hair turned out; the charcoal creating the tones i needed. For this one, i think my technique of working lightly helped create a tender and almost timid atmosphere for the model.

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