Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fairground inspiration: Left for Dead 2 part 2

Another image i really like. A different angle of the boats, this time above them. I love the solitary light that is lighting the scene on the walkway and boats. Nice deep shadows in this one create an epic spooky feel.
Ok, really like this one of the swan boats. Love the way the lighting is working coming from that one light in the corner above them as it give some awesome shadows. The whole image to me, makes the boats feel isolated, unwanted and almost alien. Good shadows as well in this one.
A shot of pretty lights in the tunnel of love. Not much lighting in this one, not too keen on it really.
Moving through the tunnel of love, i took this shot of the heart-shaped arches. I particularly liked the way they framed the shot and created 'layers' within the image.
This is a shot going down the stairs into the tunnel of love level. I again really liked the lighting down the stairs and the way the shadows framed the picture.
This is a shot looking out from the safe room. I liked the way the stairs were lit just by the purple lights going up.

I managed to get some shots of the fairground in Left for Dead 2 (between fighting hundreds of zombies). It provides a really 'dead' atmosphere thats dynamic and includes great shadows and lighting that i really like and could use in my work.

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