Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Life drawing

For this weeks life drawing, we weren't allowed to use line, and only use tone to create the figure.
This image was my first one, and i didn't know where to start for about 5 minutes. But then i started to look closer and saw the different tones and went from there. I actually started with the dark shadow under her arm and built up from there. I worked with pencil and built up the layers and smudged them together with my fingers (very messy). Even though this was a 40 minute drawing, i only managed to get the arm and upper torso done so i was kinda disappointed with that. But i did like what i had done as the tones really worked.
This second one i tried to work faster, but found it harder to draw as the model's back was facing me. I tried to pick out as many tones as i could and blend them. The most tones were round the muscles near the lower back so i emphasised those as much as i could. I also added the hair and tones to that as i found that quite easy to do with my pencil. I also quite liked the way the crease in the elbow turned out as that was a bit fiddly for me.
This final image got a bit smudged on the way home. I tried repairing it, but it's hard without the model there. For this image, i again started with the dark shadow under her arm and built up round her stomach, arm and leg from there. I found with this one, i couldn't get the dark tones dark enough so had to keep going back over them then readjusting the rest of them to match the whole drawing. I really feel i work too slow with pencil and get quite annoyed that i dont end up with a finished drawing.

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