Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ruined city photoshop development pics

After my last post, Photoshop Phil said i should expand the canvas to fit more in and give a better perspective. So i did that and added more mountains, rocks and ruins. This does make the scene seem better and more full as i only had a couple of pillars in the last image.
This is the same image, but flipped horizontally. This let me see what was wrong with my scene, and i found i didn't like the pillar on the far right as it actually bent in the middle (my dodgy drawing there) so that needed to be fixed. At this point, i think the rocks are too dark for the scene and the pillars look like they are glowing quite brightly, so i'll adjust those to my liking.
This image has a background added to it, just a fading sky as i want the scene to look like it is midday. At first, it looked like everything was just sitting on the background, so i toned down the background and the mountains to make them look like they are in the background. i also toned down the pillars a bit as they were too light, while lightening the rocks in the foreground so the detail was visible more. The rocks are still a bit too dark but i now think that they make the pillars stand out more which is the whole point of the scene, and focusing on the ruins of the city.

By the way, i have no idea why the first paragraph is underlined, i couldnt get it off!

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