Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hotel inspiration: Left for Dead 2

This one has a wider view than i originally wanted, but i like the corner of the wall in the left and the large windows that would be good for light.
I shot a hole in the door to get this shot (ignore random burning zombie) The way the room is messed up and things strewn on the floor really caught me.
This is a shot of the long corridor of the hotel. I like the length of it and the blood splattered across the walls, as well as the potential for some good lighting from the windows.
This one is a shot looking through the doorframe to the window. I particularly like this one as it double frames the window and seems to give the shot more depth?
This is a shot of one of the bathrooms lit only by my torch light. I really like the darkness of this shot and the solo source of light as it creates the atmosphere i want. Also, there is blood.
I blasted another hole in the door to get this shot. I like the way i managed to get the corridor framed by the edges of the hole.

These are some images that i have screenshot from the game Left for Dead 2 of one of the levels where you have to go through a hotel to escape. I like the way it looks in this game with all the wreckage caused by the zombies and the general ruin of the building, and it relates to how i want my images to look.

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