Thursday, 30 September 2010

The creature..

I have had so much trouble getting hold of pictures of a Japanese spider crab's head..even on Google theres not much. But then i randomly found a real good closeup and was like 'have to draw it!' so here it is. I kept it to a line drawing so i could see all where everything goes, and it kinda looks more icky that way. I drew this at 10pm and i'd been awake since 4:50am for work so i was trying to keep myself awake to draw this before i forgot where on Google the picture was.

This is a face only a mother could love..

I was trying to find crab heads, and for some reason a picture of a crab against the glass popped up. So i drew it because it looked awesome :) it reminds me of armour plating...which it is. The way the legs come out of the body is pretty much exactly the same as a tarantula.. O_O and i hate tarantulas...god, why do i have to get a combo of 2 animals i hate..

This one was also drawn about 10pm, and i struggled with the head as it wasnt very clear on the picture. This has given me an idea for my splice..

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