Thursday, 30 September 2010

Life Drawing again

This is round 2 of the life drawing class. To be honest, i prefer my first lot of drawings i did..they seemed to turn out better. Although, with this lot of drawings, i was in a bad mood and wasn't really giving them my full attention so that's probably why they didnt turn out as great as i'dve liked. The first drawing i did (very top one) was supposed to be of the whole figure, but i only managed to get her torso done, whereas last time i managed to at least get some lines in over her whole body. I was having trouble with my shading on this one, it kept going wrong and blotchy which made my mood worse. That drawing was a 30 minute one.
The 4 different sections drawings were about 5-10 mins each, and i think they turned out okay. There wasn't as much variety of sections as last time as the model was either facing or turned away from me. I'm not blaming her for it, im just saying i didnt get a chance to draw interesting forms.
My preferred drawing is the last one for some strange reason, and those who know me and the way i draw will be like 'what the fuck?!' because im so nitpicky about details and being a perfectionist. And this drawing is exactly the opposite of that. I think its because by the end i'd really had enough and didnt care much, so i was actually able to do what i was supposed to do and not concentrate on details, just shapes. If i had cared like i normally do, then that would've been torture.
Sorry about the quality of these pics, i have no idea why they've turned out that colour :S the lighting in my room is fine..its just my camera being a div ¬_¬

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