Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Something smells fishy...or should i say, crabby..

These are some drawings of my animal. The first one (above) was drawn from a picture of its skeleton, which is basically the animal anyway as the crab has an exoskeleton. I never realised how many spikes it has on its legs until i drew it them...
The second drawing up is just some quick sketches of its claws, just so i can get an idea of what i might do with them for my splice.
The top drawing is a kinda quick sketch of my animal from the front, and making it look more spider-like as i'm thinking of playing around with that idea as it is a SPIDER crab.
I have also decided that i work too lightly in dumb scanner never picks it up properly. But i find it hard to work darker as i layer on the pencil slowly to build a picture up..should i change my technique?


  1. No don't change your technique, scanners are a pain for this, but you can adjust the levels, contrast and darkness etc. in Photoshop, I reguarly have to do when I scan.


  2. Ah okay :) i haven't got photoshop on this computer yet, although im thinking of getting it. How much is it?