Monday, 11 October 2010

Life drawing

This session, our life model (Becky i think her name is) was off sick so we had to improvise and use mannequins and each other to come up with compositions, which was a different experience.

The start was a quick warm up and we had a couple of minutes to draw what we saw before moving on to the next persons drawing and carrying it on. This was actually quite fun as each persons drawing was totally different and some of the time incomprehensible heh. That was when you had to take away rather than add which worked for most of the drawings. This is how mine finished up:

After the warmup session, we had to draw without looking at the paper. I found it hard to begin with as i was so tempted to look, but then i managed to get into it. This is how i draw when i dont look at the paper:

Once we were done with the mannequins, we used 3 of the class to pose (fully clothed!) so we could draw them. It was different drawing clothes and the way they fold, but i found it good as i could get the lines of the folds to work the way i wanted, although in some cases i still had trouble with proportion specially on the shoulders and head.

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