Friday, 10 December 2010

photoshop tutorial

This is one image i produced in photoshop tutorial using layer mask. Bit confusing about layers and where things went but i think i got there in the end.
This one is a tile that was offset and then repaired where the joins were. Quite easy specially with tiger print.

Ho ho ho

Some festive spirit now in the form of a maya santa hat :D Like doing the fur effect on this, was really simple.

Moar maya fur

Grass fur effect combined with polar bear effect with lighting and shading.
Ever wondered what gorilla fur would look like punked..? Here's your answer.

Just the lion mane fur effect with lighting and shading.

Maya fur

This is just the preset porcupine fur effect in Maya with lighting and shadows.
This is a combination of porcupine and squirrel fur with lighting and shading. Liking this one a lot.

A combo of porcupine, squirrel and wet otter fur with lighting and shading. Liking the clumping effect on this one.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Influence map

I looked at artists Tom Hunt and Melanie Pullen that were hyperlinked on the brief and slooked through their work. I chose these images as i like the atmosphere created in them as well as composition and lighting. The bottom right image really gives a sense of foreboding and a sinister feel as the body of a woman lies sprawled across the bonnet of a taxi. This is a complete contrast to the one on the top left which gives a feeling of calmness and light. Most of these images are quite dark and gothic which is an approach i am thinking of applying in my work.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

4 more thumbs

Just more quick thumbnails of a few of my new ideas. The top left is suggesting a homeless person asleep on a lone park bench. Top right is a view from within a wardrobe in an attic looking at abandoned toys. Bottom right is of an attic with a single light source from the window and the bottom left is a perspective view down an alleyway.

Idea rethink

After a comment from phil, i chose to rethink my initial ideas. Heres a quick list of what i've come up with:

*dance studio
*cupboard under the stairs
*wardrobe (Not in the Narnia sense)
*town centre
combine wardrobe and attic, make the attic dusty and everything. Then, have it so you're looking out of the wardrobe through a crack in the doors because you're hiding.
a street at mid-night with a lone park bench lit by a single street light. A mound is on the bench suggesting a homeless person. The rest of the image is cropped by the rest of the street being in darkness so all you can see is the light.

Any of these any good? I can think of stuff for all of them mostly.